We'll be closed October 1-3 for our long weekend touring ride - join us!

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  • Introducing the Soma Wolverine

    Posted on September 18 2016

    We love adventure bikes - bikes that let you get out into the bush, bring your camping gear, burl down some trails, and just generally have fun. That's what the...

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  • Ortlieb Courier Bags

    Posted on September 08 2016

    When you're a commuter cyclist, one of the biggest considerations is how to carry all the stuff you need to take to work. We stock plenty of panniers and bags...

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  • October Long Weekend Tour

    Posted on August 25 2016

    Update: we'll be leaving at 9am sharp on Saturday October 1st, from Queen Elizabeth Park on Main St, Lithgow. If you're catching the train on the morning, the 5.48am from...

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  • Brompton Urban Challenge

    Posted on August 12 2016

    If you enjoy orienteering and Bromptons in equal measure, get ready for your new favourite day of the year: the Brompton Urban Challenge. It's basically a scavenger hunt where teams of cyclists...

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  • Ch-ch-ch-ch-changes: the end of secondhand

    Posted on August 05 2016

    As our staff and customers can attest, we've transformed over the 5 years we've been open. We started off importing containers of secondhand Dutch bikes straight from the Netherlands, and now we've...

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  • $400 off Gazelle Impulse

    Posted on August 05 2016

    After the success of our sale, we've decided to keep the sale going on one of our most beloved electric bikes - the Gazelle Orange C8 Impulse. Gazelle is Australia's...

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