Jamis commuter bikes

Posted on February 17 2014

If you're looking for a good value bike to ride in the city, it's hard to go past one of these Jamis bikes. Many friends-of-the-shop are riding them, and Marrickville Council just added one to its internal bike fleet.

We're stocking the Coda Sport and Coda Comp (flat-bar), and the Satellite Comp (drop-bar). We also have the Coda Sport Femme and Coda Comp Femme, which are women-specific bike designed with slightly lower top tubes for easier step-over.

We like them because they're built with reliability in mind. The frame is steel, so it can take a bit of abuse. They come with 7- or 8-speed cassettes, which permit the use of a wider, longer-lasting chain - all the pros might be riding 10- or 11-speed cassettes, but they have a sponsor paying for the replacements. The tyres on the flat-bar bikes are Vittoria Randonneur Pro - a nice puncture-resistant tyre that's still pretty light. They have eyelets for racks, and fit mudguards as well.

The Comp models are a step up from the Sports - they have lighter frames and upgraded drivetrains. They're great for riders who are looking for a really light bike (for example, those who have to carry their bike up and down flights of stairs).

These bikes are perfect for putting accessories on - check out our article about upgrading your Jamis Coda Sport.

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