Now stocking Kool Stop brake pads

Posted on March 06 2014

Kool Stop brake pads are widely regarded as the best rim brake pads available. Most other pads are too hard (they'll chew up your rims), or just don't stop. Kool Stops not only stop you fast, they're better modulated, and they're kind on your rims. They're a little more expensive than regular pads, but what's good braking worth? And new rims aren't cheap. We ride them and reckon they're worth the small premium.

We're stocking a few varieties of pads, both complete assemblies and the holder/insert style where you just replace the rubber when it's used up. We have V-brake and caliper varieties, so we should have just about everyone covered.

The venerable Sheldon Brown was a huge fan, writing excitedly about the patented Scott-Mathauser "salmon" compound.

Browse 'em here.

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