Winter riding gear

Posted on May 08 2014

The days grow colder and shorter - winter is coming. Riding your bike is, of course, still the best way to get around - but what do you need to keep yourself comfortable?


You don't need special clothing to ride a bike, and the same is true in winter - but when you're moving, it's important to have layered clothing that can be removed if you get too warm. A top, a jumper and a jacket should be sufficient to keep you warm in Sydney, and a layer or two can be shed easily.


When you're riding, the wind chill is amplified - and you can't stuff your hands into your pockets. That means you'll need gloves. They don't need to be fancy cycling-specific gloves - whatever you'd usually use on a cold day. We like the polarfleece kind (they're warm and easy to wash).

Clear glasses

You'll often find yourself riding in the dark, so sunnies won't work - but if you've ever gone down a hill on a cold day and felt your eyes watering, you'll appreciate the need for some clear glasses. Safety specs from the hardware store are fine.


The sun might be weaker in winter, but you can still get burnt. Plus, sunscreens will generally have a moisturising agent, which helps protect your face from those icy winds.


This is a big one - you need them year-round, but especially so when there's fewer hours of daylight. Battery lights are cheaper, but if you ride a lot then a better long-term investment is a dynamo light setup.

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