Omafiets Mechanics and their Vivente World Randonneurs, Part 1

Posted on July 04 2014

The Vivente World Randonneur (VWR) is our favourite bike, for both everyday city riding and long-haul touring. Since so many of our staff ride them, we thought we'd ask them why. In part one, we asked Will and Ollie about their VWRs.

Will and his upright VWR

Chris: Why did you choose a Vivente?

Will: It seemed like a good all-round, multi-purpose bike. I can dress it up as a tourer or a city bike, depending on where I'm riding.

What modifications have you made to the stock bike?

After spending some time riding around in the Netherlands, I came back and Dutch-ified it. I put on a shorter stem and a stem riser to bring the position more upright, plus a cushier saddle, and swept-back bars. I also moved the bar-end shifters up to the upright bars.

What's with the huge bell?

It's a Dutch thing. It rings automatically when I go over a bump, which is all the time in Sydney. They're whisper-quiet in the Netherlands because the Dutch bike paths are actually smooth.

The cloth-covered chain lock is another Dutch touch. It's easy to wrap around the bars when you're not using it, and it stretches around telegraph poles.

Ollie and his 2014 drop-bar VWR

Chris: What convinced you to buy a Vivente World Randonneur?

Ollie: I had a Gemini World Randonneur, which was the first bike that ever fitted me properly. Vivente is a continuation of the Gemini brand. Plus it's an awesome touring bike. I love the modern features, like the stock dynamo lights and disc brakes.

What modifications have you made to it?

I fitted TRP brake levers, which are a bit more comfortable for my hands [they're monstrously large].

I also fitted wider tyres and mudguards, because I often do mixed and off-road touring. One of the things I love about the Vivente is that it takes up to 50mm tyres.

I also fitted a Brooks B17 saddle. Nice and comfy.

I also just added this front bag, which is sitting on a Velo Orange Pass Hunter front rack.

Where have you ridden your Vivente?

I rode the Tasman Trail, which is 9 days of off-roading down the middle of Tasmania. I've also done a bit of riding around Wiseman's Ferry, the Southern Highlands, Newcastle, the Blue Mountains, Pittwater... lots of riding! I mostly ride it around the city though.


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