Bikes for tall people

Posted on July 05 2014

This is Will, one of our mechanics. He's a tall guy, but here he is riding an extra-small bike (he normally rides an XXL).

It's alarmingly common that people are sized incorrectly for a bike, and it often leads to discomfort. Most often the bike is too small rather than too large (if you can't straddle the top tube comfortably, you stop riding it pretty quickly).

Because we import secondhand Dutch bicycles, we specialise in bikes for tall people. The Dutch are, on average, the tallest people in the world, and their bikes reflect that. For example, here's a beautiful Koga Miyata Forest which comes in at a whopping 63cm.

So if you know any giants who are having trouble finding a bike that fits their proportions, send them down to the home of huge bikes.

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