Omafiets Mechanics and their Vivente World Randonneurs, Part 2

Posted on July 16 2014

Continuing our series about the Vivente World Randonneur (VWR), Tim and Maurice share their thoughts about our favourite bike.

Tim's flat-bar VWR

 Chris: Why a Vivente?

Tim: I wanted a bike that could do it all. I had too many impractical bikes. Plus I was sick of riding up High St [in Randwick] on a single speed. And the Vivente opens up the possibility of touring.

What's with the babooshka panniers?

It's a nod to my Eastern European heritage. Plus they're cuter than all the other designs.

And the handlebars?

Since I'm mostly using it as a commuter bike in the city, I put flat bars on. The red housing is an extravagance...

Maurice and his drop-bar VWR

Chris: Why a Vivente?

Maurice: I wanted to finally invest in a bike that could be the last bike I ever needed to buy (not that that has stopped me from acquiring other bikes since!). I found that I was riding bikes that came into my possession more by chance than anything else - mostly bikes that I saved from the waste stream. While that's a great thing to do, I felt like I was old enough to choose a bike that suited my needs better. The VWR fit the bill perfectly - I can ride all over Sydney, go touring to literally anywhere and the drop bars mean I can still hoon around like a lout.

What did you change about the bike?

I swapped the front light - this [very expensive] one is a lot brighter and can power USB devices. It's rumoured future incarnations of the VWR will sport this feature...

And the bags?

The old saddle bag stays there. When on tour it's full of spares and tools. In the city I leave it empty so the gear doesn't get stolen! The other bags I add as necessary, depending on what I'm carrying.

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