ByK bikes for big kids (or small adults)

Posted on November 17 2014

The Australian brand ByK have just expanded their range of bikes with the E-620.

This bike is designed for children 10-14 years old, for whom adult bikes were often too big, but kids bikes were too small. However given that the recommended rider height is 142.5 to 175cm tall, they should be seriously considered by small adults - particularly those who find that regular bikes are too heavy. ByK bikes have a well-deserved reputation for being light and maneuverable.

Like all ByK bikes, they're well built and sensibly-equipped. You can choose from derailleur gears (which have two sets of gear levers, and 16 gear combinations) or internal hub gears (just one lever, and 3 gears). They come in step-through and step-over frames, plus a road bike model, in the colours shown below.

We aim to have all of these bikes in stock, built up and ready to go on our showroom floor (if it's in stock on our website, it's in our shop).

Above: ByK E-620 x 16 (16-speed derailleur gears)

Above: ByK E-620 x 3i (3-speed internal gear hub)

Above: ByK E-620 x 3i retro (3-speed internal gear hub, basket and mudguards)

Above: ByK E-620 R (road bike, 16-speed derailleur gears)

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