Upgrading your Jamis Coda Sport

Posted on February 03 2015

The Jamis Coda Sport is a great bike to ride around the city, or a trip across Australia. Whatever you're doing with it, it's worth thinking about some accessories you might add. Plus, if you buy any accessories with a new bike, we'll fit them for free. Here's a guide to what people most commonly add to this popular bike. Here's what it might look like when you're done.

Fenders (mudguards)

The Planet Bike Cascadia Hybrid Fenders are full coverage fenders, which means they'll keep the dirty water off your clothes, and off your bike. This not only saves your laundry from overflowing, it keeps the grit out of your chain, meaning you don't need to clean your bike as often.

Luggage rack

The Topeak Super Tourist rack is a solid performer. Panniers will clip onto the top rails, or you can strap a bag down with some elastic straps (or even mount a crate or basket on the back). If you're going to be using it for touring, go for the Super Tourist DX rack, which has a second set of horizontal rails - this allows you to fit both panniers and a bag strapped to the top.


In our experience the simplest kickstand is a single-leg rear-mounted kickstand. These are sturdy, and stable as well - the length is easy to adjust, so you can keep your bike upright easily. They're more stable than centre-mounted kickstands.

Security skewers

There's nothing worse than having your wheels or seat stolen while your bike is parked somewhere, which is why we recommend a set of security skewers. They go on in place of your quick-release skewers, and come with a special tool (which you keep on your keyring) for getting your wheels on and off.


If you're going to be using your lights on a regular basis (that is, a few times a week) you're better off going with a set of Moon Comet / Meteor USB-rechargeable lights. The charge won't last for as long, but they're so much easier to recharge (just plug them into your computer).

If you'll use your lights less frequently, or you won't have access to a computer, a set of battery lights is the way to go. We have bolt-on lights, which are more secure (the AXA Scope front light and AXA Riff rear light).

If you want a set of lights that you can just forget about, you need hub dynamo lights. They're efficient, they're bolted to your bike, and they never need recharging. For this you'll need a dynamo wheel, and front and rear dynamo lights.


If you're thinking about doing a long ride in Australia (or overseas), the Jamis Coda Sport is excellent value. Here's Andrea arriving in Albany, WA, having ridden all the way from Sydney.

Here's a list of the additions we made to his bike:

  • Schwalbe Marathon puncture-resistant tyres
  • Mudguards
  • Humpert horn handlebars
  • Kickstand
  • Ortlieb Back Roller panniers
  • Ortlieb Front Roller panniers
  • Topeak Super Tourist rear rack
  • Front pannier rack
  • Kool Stop brake pads
  • Power Grips pedal straps
  • Water bottle cages

If you're interested in a similar setup, drop in and talk to us about your needs.

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