Staff Picks: Hiplok

Posted on February 24 2015

This is the first in our Staff Pick's series, where we ask staff which products they use and recommend. Shop mechanic Erin has chosen the Hiplok, a bicycle lock that you carry around your waist. It's a strong steel chain, wrapped in a nylon sheath.

Why does Erin use it?

"It's a convenient lock for people who don't want to attach their lock to their bike frame, or who won't always be carrying a bag with them."

"Unlike a lock in a backpack, you don't feel the weight, because it's distributed on your hips."

"It's a strong lock but it still looks nice - you don't look strange wearing it."

The Hiplok comes with three keys, and there are two versions available: the Hiplok v1.50, and the Hiplok Lite.

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