Choosing a front rack for your bike

Posted on May 07 2015

Racks are accessories that instantly improve a bicycle. There's nothing less pleasant than riding in summer with a heavy backpack - not only do you end up with a giant sweat patch, it hurts!

There are some good reasons for using a front rack instead of a rear rack:

  • you can keep an eye on your load
  • the front wheel, being symmetrically dished, is stronger than the rear wheel
  • many front racks have a larger cargo area, making it easier to strap down large objects

Couriers have known this for a long time, which is why they've been using front racks since bicycles were invented. Just look at the couriers above, racing in the 20s.

Here are the front racks we stock. Still not sure if it will fit on your bike? Bring your bike in and we'll be happy to take you through your options.

CETMA 5-rail

This is a favourite of bicycle couriers, and with good reason - it's lightweight and extremely strong, with a large cargo area. It attaches to the front axle and the handlebars. It's fairly adjustable but if your handlebars are high (more than 30cm above your front wheel) it won't reach.

Soma Porteur

This rack is all class. Available in silver (stainless steel) or black (Cr-Mo), it attaches to the front fork eyelets (if you have them) or the front axle (if you don't), and the fork crown. There are lower rails to attach panniers below the cargo tray. Very popular.

Soma Mini Front Rack

This rack mounts to the fork crown and the eyelets on the fork dropouts. It includes spacers to make it easier to fit on bikes that only have rear eyelets. It's light and great value.

Basil Wide Carrier

These are a great budget option that's similar in design to the CETMA Cargo, though they're heavier and not quite as strong. They will generally fit bikes that have higher handlebars.

Basil Slim Carrier

A skinny version of the Basil carrier.

Velo Orange Pass Hunter

This small, lightweight rack mounts to the V-brake bosses and the fork crown. You can tie down a fairly large box to it, or a bag.

Small Front Rack

This rack mounts like the Velo Orange Pass Hunter, but it's heavier and has a larger cargo area. Also it's not as shiny.

Tubus Duo

If you're just interested in carrying panniers, this front rack is the one for you. Requires mid-fork eyelets that go all the way through the fork (i.e. you can fit a bolt on the inside and the outside of the fork).

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