2019 Rides & Events Calendar

Posted on January 30 2019

Here's what we have planned for 2019! It's a mix of easy, medium and very hard rides, on-road and off-road. These dates may change so please check back periodically.

Our rides are totally self-supported, so if you're not sure if you're ready (or if you have any questions) please get in touch with us before you sign up.

All of our rides will be ticketed, with tickets to be released closer to the date (most of the rides will be free, however some will have a small charge for camping).

Looking for more inspiration? Head on over to our "Where to ride" page to find some great routes.

Swift Campout Winter Solstice Ride
Sat 22 Jun - Sun 23 Jun
Difficulty: Easy
Distance: 15km per day
Terrain: TBA

The worldwide bike camping weekend for the Winter Solstice.

Tickets via Facebook or Eventbrite 

Newnes & Glowworm Tunnel Adventure Ride
Sat 6 Jul - Sun 7 Jul
Difficulty: Hard
Distance: 50km per day
Terrain: 90% fire trail, 5% sealed, 5% unrideable tunnel

This is a special one! Lots of amazing fire trails, the incredible Glowworm Tunnel, and the awesome Newnes campground.

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Build Your Own Dynamo Wheel Workshop
Date TBA

This small-group workshop, held in the week before daylight savings finishes, will teach you how to build your own dynamo wheel.

Tickets Here: 

St Albans Overnighter
Sat 10 Aug - Sun 11 Aug
Difficulty: Medium
Distance: 70km per day
Terrain: 100% sealed

An on-road ride from Windsor to St Albans and back, camping opposite the famous St Albans pub.

Family Overnighter: Crosslands Reserve
Sat 28 Sep - Sun 29 Sep
Difficulty: Easy (but with 1 big hill out of the camping area)
Distance: 11km per day
Terrain: 100% sealed

An on-road ride from Hornsby Station to Crosslands Reserve. Suitable for children and families, with the caveat that there is a steep hill for several hundred metres out of the camping area.

Southern Dirt (Katoomba to Mittagong and Beyond)
Sat 5 Oct - Mon 7 Oct
Difficulty: Very hard
Distance: ~100km per day, ~2000vm per day
Terrain: 10% singletrack, 80% fire trail, 10% sealed

What an epic ride! Starting in the Blue Mountains, heading down the Six Foot Track, and then up (and then down) to Jenolan Caves. Then up the other side to Kanangra Walls. We'll then head out to Wombeyan Caves, and then up and over some hills (including possibly the best dirt descent, and the best dirt climb, you'll ever do) out to Mittagong. Depending on how full the trains are you can hop off there, or you can continue through the Southern Highlands and down Macquarie Pass to Albion Park.

This is a bikepacking/mountain bike ride - from previous experience, you won't have fun unless you have disc brakes and 2" tyres. But if you want to find that out the hard way, it's up to you.

Women & Gender Diverse* Bikepacking Overnighter - Tallow Beach
Sat 12 Oct - Sun 13 Oct
Difficulty: Medium
Distance: 20km per day
Terrain: 50% fire trail, 50% sealed

Women & gender diverse folk are welcome to join this overnight bikepacking trip on the Central Coast, out to Tallow Beach.

Sydney Rides Festival Events

Over the Sydney Rides period of September to November, you can bet we'll be running an enormous number of events, including:

  • Wilderness Bike First Aid workshop
  • Omafiets X Chain Lynx Workshop
  • Cockatoo Island Overnighter
  • Cargo Bike Parade & Picnic
  • Cycle Touring Slide Night
  • Scavenger Hunt

Christmas Lights Ride
Tue 17 Dec
Difficulty: Easy
Distance: 20km
Terrain: 100% sealed

A family-friendly ride around the streets of the inner west, checking out some amazing Christmas lights displays.


*“Women & gender diverse” is inclusive of anyone in the gender minority who might feel uncomfortable in cis male-dominated spaces; which includes trans women, gender neutral, and other gender diverse definitions, as well as cis women.

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