Howard's custom Wolverine

Posted on November 15 2016

In late September, Howard got his hands on this Soma Wolverine frameset, with grand plans for a custom build. 

He sanded it back...

And applied several coats of paint.


While he waiting for the frame to dry, Howard built the wheels...


(He's a shipwright and boatbuilder, so this was a piece of cake!)

Finally, it all started to come together...

(We particularly like the details, like how Howard left the rear end unpainted.)

And finally, the finished product! 

It's so lovingly detailed... Howard actually hand-made the leather bar tape, including punching each and every hole in it, one at a time!

Howard's really put his stamp on this one!

Congratulations Howard on your new Wolverine - may the wind be ever at your back. Also, thanks Howard and Judith for the photos and allowing us to go on the journey with you!

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