• Dynamo Light Tryout Night

    Posted on March 01 2017

      Daylight savings is sadly almost over, and now is the time to think about dynamo lights. We love them - they're super bright, never run out of juice, and take...

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  • Navigation for cycling trips

    Posted on October 21 2015

    Paper maps, compasses and trip computers have long been the navigational method for cyclists. However, smart phones have become ubiquitous, and they're pretty excellent for cyclists who are going to...

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  • The Ultimate Dutch Bike

    Posted on February 03 2015

    The new Gazelle Ultimates have arrived. The Ultimates are really the best Dutch bikes out there, with the highest grade components and thoughtful design. There are two versions available: the...

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  • Affordable dynamo lights

    Posted on February 27 2014

    We've recently revised the prices of our LED dynamo-powered lights, to make a dynamo lighting system even more affordable. They're kind of like solar panels - more expensive to start...

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