• Surly Bridge Club Hire Fleet

    Posted on July 04 2019

    We've expanded our hire fleet! Feeling the increasing interest in off-road bikepacking we have added a set of three black Surly Bridge Clubs available for hire.   Hailed as a highly versatile...

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  • Sydney Rides Festival - Scavenger Hunt

    Posted on November 07 2018

    This year for the Sydney Rides Festival we were looking for new events to run and trying to come up with something that would be fun and accessible. Something that...

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  • Lithgow to Mittagong shop tour recap

    Posted on October 11 2016

     The Lithgow to Mittagong cycle touring route has been a favourite of ours for a number of years, and this was the second group ride we had organised.  Taking on board...

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  • October Long Weekend Tour

    Posted on August 25 2016

    Update: we'll be leaving at 9am sharp on Saturday October 1st, from Queen Elizabeth Park on Main St, Lithgow. If you're catching the train on the morning, the 5.48am from...

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  • Navigation for cycling trips

    Posted on October 21 2015

    Paper maps, compasses and trip computers have long been the navigational method for cyclists. However, smart phones have become ubiquitous, and they're pretty excellent for cyclists who are going to...

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  • Updates from the road

    Posted on September 01 2015

    Ollie's been in France for the last little while, and he rode over to Scotland on his Vivente World Randonneur to meet up with Will. He was riding about 200km...

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  • Upgrading your Jamis Coda Sport

    Posted on February 03 2015

    The Jamis Coda Sport is a great bike to ride around the city, or a trip across Australia. Whatever you're doing with it, it's worth thinking about some accessories you...

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  • The Electric Vivente

    Posted on October 04 2014

    We've often thought about doing an electric conversion of our favourite city/touring bike, the Vivente World Randonneur. This week we did exactly that, to create the ultimate electric tourer: the...

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  • Wollondilly River bicycle tour

    Posted on August 15 2014

    You might have seen some photos on our Facebook from some gorgeous backcountry cycling trips that we've been on recently. Well, here's your chance to come along! You're invited on...

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  • Omafiets Mechanics and their Vivente World Randonneurs, Part 2

    Posted on July 16 2014

    Continuing our series about the Vivente World Randonneur (VWR), Tim and Maurice share their thoughts about our favourite bike. Tim's flat-bar VWR  Chris: Why a Vivente? Tim: I wanted a bike that...

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  • Omafiets Mechanics and their Vivente World Randonneurs, Part 1

    Posted on July 04 2014

    The Vivente World Randonneur (VWR) is our favourite bike, for both everyday city riding and long-haul touring. Since so many of our staff ride them, we thought we'd ask them...

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  • Vivente World Randonneur 2014s have arrived!

    Posted on May 15 2014

    The hotly anticipated 2014 model of the Vivente World Randonneur is now here! We have one (or more) of each model (The Gibb, Patagonia, Anatolia, and Deccan) available for test-riding....

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