Which cargo bike is best for carrying kids?

Posted on September 19 2017

Out of the Yuba, eZee, Bullitt, or Gazelle Cabby, which cargo bike is best for carrying kids, I hear you ask?

Let's start with the main point of difference that splits these cargo bikes for carrying kids: the front box, or long tail configuration. 

The Bullitt and the Gazelle Cabby have front boxes. The advantage of this configuration is that the box makes it easy to carry kids and luggage. You can simply place kids and all in the front box. The Cabby comes with a seat and harnesses for 2 kids, and the Bullitt has a variety of cargo boxes (including a canopy) that can be fitted to the front. It is possible to carry children from an earlier age than those recommended to fit in rear-mounted child seats, by using a basinet fitted into the front cargo box. Both the Bullitt and Cabby are able to be fitted with rear racks, allowing for more carrying capacity.

Something to consider with these front box cargo bikes is the long wheel base, with the steering going through a rod to the wheel at the very front. This means that it may be a bit of a learning curve to getting used to riding this type of bicycle.


The eZee Expedir and Yubas (Spicy Curry, Boda Boda all terrain, Boda Boda V3, Mundo) have long tails, meaning the cargo and child-carrying capacities are at the back on an elongated frame.

The advantage of this configuration is that it feels more like a regular bicycle, and most riders find this easy to ride. The Yuba Boda Boda, in particular, has a shorter overall length, which makes it easier to store or fit into a lift. It is possible to fit two rack-mounted child seats on long tails or a set of Monkey Bars, soft seats, and side boards for more versatile child carrying options. The Spicy Curry and Mundo have the longest rear rack area, so they can fit up to 3 children.

The Expedir and Spicy Curry come electrified, the Bullitt comes in an electric-specific variety, while the Mundo, Boda Boda and Cabby can be converted to electric. The Boda Boda, Spicy Curry, Cabby and Expedir are all step-through frames, and will generally suit shorter riders better than the Bullitt or Mundo.

In determining which cargo bike is best for carrying your kids, the factors to consider are: how many kids you'd like to carry, their ages, and how much luggage or cargo you'd carry as well. With these factors in consideration it is possible to find a suitable cargo bike within the Yuba, eZee, Bullitt, and Gazelle ranges. 

So which cargo bike is right for you? If you're not sure, come into the shop and ask us - you're welcome to take these bikes (and more) for a test ride.

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