• Focus urban bicycles

    Posted on August 09 2015

    It's not often that we add a new brand of bicycles to our range, but as an independent bicycle shop we're always looking for the best bikes we can offer....

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  • Pre-orders now open for new Vivente World Randonneurs

    Posted on July 19 2015

    New models of the Vivente World Randonneur commuting/touring bikes are on their way, and we're expecting to have them in the shop mid-August. These have been eagerly awaited, and we're...

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  • Choosing a front rack for your bike

    Posted on May 07 2015

    Racks are accessories that instantly improve a bicycle. There's nothing less pleasant than riding in summer with a heavy backpack - not only do you end up with a giant...

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  • Announcing the Omafiets Brompton Club

    Posted on April 01 2015

    We love Brompton folding bicycles, and though they're a very low-maintenance bicycle, we like to make sure they're in perfect working order. That's why we're launching the Omafiets Brompton Club,...

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  • All There Is To Know About Flat-Bar Conversions

    Posted on March 24 2015

    For various reasons, people sometimes want to change the handlebars of their road bike to be more upright. Often it's a much-loved road bike that isn't as comfortable as it...

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  • Staff Picks: Hiplok

    Posted on February 24 2015

    This is the first in our Staff Pick's series, where we ask staff which products they use and recommend. Shop mechanic Erin has chosen the Hiplok, a bicycle lock that you...

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  • Locking up your Brompton

    Posted on February 17 2015

    The Brompton folding bicycle is such a novel design that securing it requires careful consideration. Given its small size when folded, chances are you'll be able to bring it inside...

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  • The Ultimate Dutch Bike

    Posted on February 03 2015

    The new Gazelle Ultimates have arrived. The Ultimates are really the best Dutch bikes out there, with the highest grade components and thoughtful design. There are two versions available: the...

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  • Upgrading your Jamis Coda Sport

    Posted on February 03 2015

    The Jamis Coda Sport is a great bike to ride around the city, or a trip across Australia. Whatever you're doing with it, it's worth thinking about some accessories you...

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  • Join the Omafiets' Saddle Club

    Posted on January 24 2015

    The Omafiets' Saddle Club has launched! If you're finding your current saddle a little uncomfortable, come and sit on one of ours. Here's how it works: You pay a $30...

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  • Restoring an Automoto

    Posted on December 25 2014

    This 60-year-old French bicycle was brought to us in a sorry state - from the look of the tyres, it had been sitting in a barn in the countryside for...

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  • Sydney's home of family cycling

    Posted on November 21 2014

    We've been gradually building our offerings of "family" bikes and accessories - everything you need to get the whole family on bikes. Active transport is such an important part of a...

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  • ByK bikes for big kids (or small adults)

    Posted on November 17 2014

    The Australian brand ByK have just expanded their range of bikes with the E-620. This bike is designed for children 10-14 years old, for whom adult bikes were often too...

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  • The Electric Vivente

    Posted on October 04 2014

    We've often thought about doing an electric conversion of our favourite city/touring bike, the Vivente World Randonneur. This week we did exactly that, to create the ultimate electric tourer: the...

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  • Wollondilly River bicycle tour

    Posted on August 15 2014

    You might have seen some photos on our Facebook from some gorgeous backcountry cycling trips that we've been on recently. Well, here's your chance to come along! You're invited on...

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  • Omafiets Mechanics and their Vivente World Randonneurs, Part 2

    Posted on July 16 2014

    Continuing our series about the Vivente World Randonneur (VWR), Tim and Maurice share their thoughts about our favourite bike. Tim's flat-bar VWR  Chris: Why a Vivente? Tim: I wanted a bike that...

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  • Bikes for tall people

    Posted on July 05 2014

    This is Will, one of our mechanics. He's a tall guy, but here he is riding an extra-small bike (he normally rides an XXL). It's alarmingly common that people are...

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  • Omafiets Mechanics and their Vivente World Randonneurs, Part 1

    Posted on July 04 2014

    The Vivente World Randonneur (VWR) is our favourite bike, for both everyday city riding and long-haul touring. Since so many of our staff ride them, we thought we'd ask them...

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  • Classic steel road frames

    Posted on July 03 2014

    We've just unwrapped a collection of timeless, beautiful bike frames. They're lugged steel - light, strong and aesthetically stunning. These are high-end frames, built (for the most part) for road racing....

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  • Vivente World Randonneur 2014s have arrived!

    Posted on May 15 2014

    The hotly anticipated 2014 model of the Vivente World Randonneur is now here! We have one (or more) of each model (The Gibb, Patagonia, Anatolia, and Deccan) available for test-riding....

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  • Winter riding gear

    Posted on May 08 2014

    The days grow colder and shorter - winter is coming. Riding your bike is, of course, still the best way to get around - but what do you need to...

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  • Now stocking Kool Stop brake pads

    Posted on March 06 2014

    Kool Stop brake pads are widely regarded as the best rim brake pads available. Most other pads are too hard (they'll chew up your rims), or just don't stop. Kool...

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  • Affordable dynamo lights

    Posted on February 27 2014

    We've recently revised the prices of our LED dynamo-powered lights, to make a dynamo lighting system even more affordable. They're kind of like solar panels - more expensive to start...

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  • Jamis commuter bikes

    Posted on February 17 2014

    If you're looking for a good value bike to ride in the city, it's hard to go past one of these Jamis bikes. Many friends-of-the-shop are riding them, and Marrickville...

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  • Secondhand bikes

    Posted on February 17 2014

    Update: We are no longer selling secondhand bicycles. You can read why here.  

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  • Community involvement

    Posted on February 17 2014

    Chris and other Bicycle Garden volunteers helping out at Homeless Connect Long before we started a bike shop, Maurice, Ollie and Chris were involved in the Nunnery, a community bike-fixing...

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