Bikepacking gear

Bikepacking is hard, fast and dirty touring, with an emphasis on lightweight gear and all-terrain bikes.

Apidura are a UK brand, and they offer a range of lightweight bags for quick, minimal touring. We have their full range of handlebar bags, frame bags, and seat bags in the shop. They each come in a few sizes, so bring your bike in and we can fit them to your needs.

Ortlieb are a German brand, who are making waterproof seat and handlebar bags. They have a deserved reputation for quality, with a 5 year warranty on all their products.

Why use these bags instead of the traditional racks and panniers?

If you're going on a multi-day ride on roads that are in fairly good condition, racks and panniers are hard to beat. They make it easy to access your gear, can hold lots of it, and they're quick and easy to use if you already have your bike set up for commuting.

However if you're going on a shorter ride, or you're really minimal with the gear you're taking, bikepacking bags allow you to tackle rougher terrain without compromising the handling of the bike. Keeping the weight centred over the frame keeps you nimble when you're dodging obstacles.

The other advantage of bikepacking bags if that they'll fit on bikes that aren't designed for racks, and so don't have the eyelets required to attach them properly.

Chris has a write-up of a recent ride he did in the Southern Highlands, with a set of Apidura bags.

Here's our range of bikepacking gear:

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