We'll be open Christmas Eve from 10am-6pm, then closed until we reopen on Wednesday 2nd January.


Do you ship to other cities?

Yes we do - more information here.

What condition are the second-hand bicycles in?

They are in generally good condition. However, it is likely that they will have a scratch or two, possibly a ding. They are, after all, second-hand. Even new bicycles might come with a scratch. A bicycle is a functional item, and unless specified they will be in good working order. They are supplied with a limited warranty.

Do you also service and repair bicycles?


Do you buy second-hand bikes?

We used to, but we don't buy secondhand bikes anymore unless they're touring bikes (email or call us to check).

I'm can't ride / am not confident on a bicycle. Where can I learn how to ride safely / maintain my bike?

BikeWise runs courses for all levels of riders, and also offers bicycle maintenance training. The City of Sydney and North Sydney Council have organised for BikeWise to run free cycling confidence courses.

What is Omafiets?

Omafiets literally means ‘grandma bike’ in Dutch, a style of bicycle that has been widely copied for its ease of riding, dashing good looks and impeccable reliability. We import bicycles made by traditional Dutch firms, fitted with mudguards and racks, often with hub dynamos for reliable enjoyable cycling. These beautiful functional machines are built to last. Own a bike like this and you can expect years of faithful service.

Why Dutch Bicycles?

In the Netherlands bicycling has been elevated to a national artform. They produce bicycles for people who understand that cycling isn’t a sport – it’s the best way to get around town. Dutch-built bicycles are deservedly regarded as high quality. They generally come with accessories like racks, mudguards, and dynamo lights as standard (items we regard as essential for practical everyday bike riding). These bicycles are comfortable, practical, and low-maintenance, the likes of which are rarely seen in Australia. Other bikes in this price point in Australia tend to be rubbish, cheaply made, unreliable, the sort prone to flat tyres, turning to rust or needing constant attention.

Why second-hand?

Second-hand Dutch bicycles represent excellent value. This is because the Dutch Government allows the full price of a new bicycle to be used, over 3 years, as a tax deduction. For this reason, it's quite common for people in the Netherlands to buy a new bike every 3 years. Given that the bikes are incredibly well made and lightly used, then bought and imported in bulk, they represent an unbeatable bargain. To us second hand is also about reusing and supporting goods that are designed to last rather than impulsively buying disposable new things. If cycling is going to become the environmentally friendly alternative to driving we hope it can be, we need to not only ride more functional bikes but also buy them in a more sustainable fashion too.

Who is behind Omafiets?

Ollie, Maurice and Chris are three bicycle enthusiasts, who believe cycling is the best form of transport around Sydney. We started Omafiets in 2011 because people were always asking us where to buy a second-hand bike - now we can say, buy one from us!

Ollie has more bicycles than anyone you know. You can't walk across his bedroom without stepping on a bicycle part. He enjoys long rides in inclement weather. Ollie volunteers regularly with the Bicycle Garden.

Maurice wrote his honours project on electric bikes, which he sells at Glow Worm Bicycles. For several years he was a volunteer at the Nunnery (now Cycle Recycle), and he started the UNSW Bike Club.

Chris has remained a one-bike man [edit: Not true anymore! Now he owns two]. For a number of years he organised the UNSW Bike Club. His favourite Bike Club responsibility was teaching people to ride by pushing them down (gentle) hills. He volunteers regularly with the Bicycle Garden.