Do you service and repair bicycles?


Do you buy or sell secondhand bikes?

No we don't.

I'm can't ride / am not confident on a bicycle. Where can I learn how to ride safely / maintain my bike?

BikeWise runs courses for all levels of riders, and also offers bicycle maintenance training. The City of Sydney and North Sydney Council have organised for BikeWise to run free cycling confidence courses.

What is Omafiets?

Omafiets literally means ‘grandma bike’ in Dutch, a style of bicycle that has been widely copied for its ease of riding, dashing good looks and impeccable reliability. We import bicycles made by traditional Dutch firms, fitted with mudguards and racks, often with hub dynamos for reliable enjoyable cycling. These beautiful functional machines are built to last. Own a bike like this and you can expect years of faithful service.

Why Dutch Bicycles?

In the Netherlands bicycling has been elevated to a national artform. They produce bicycles for people who understand that cycling isn’t a sport – it’s the best way to get around town. Dutch-built bicycles are deservedly regarded as high quality. They generally come with accessories like racks, mudguards, and dynamo lights as standard (items we regard as essential for practical everyday bike riding). These bicycles are comfortable, practical, and low-maintenance, the likes of which are rarely seen in Australia.

We don't only sell Dutch bicycles! We also sell brands from around the world.