Gordon to Pittwater

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Distance: 56km
Suggested duration: 2 days
Notes:This is really two half-days - leave 4 hours each way to be comfortable. This means you could do it on a Friday afternoon, swim and relax Saturday, and ride out on Sunday. This is a great ride on a bike that can handle a bit of not-too-technical off-road (like a Vivente World Randonneur for example). However you can skip the first dirt section, and then walk the final bit, so you can do this ride on any bike. Also, you'll want to book a bed at the YHA in advance.

Day 1 (28km)

From Gordon station, follow some quiet (but hilly!) back streets before you turn onto Mona Vale Rd. This is a reasonably busy road, but it's 3 lanes each way so there's lots of room for cars to safely pass. Even better, there's some excellent singletrack on the western side (get onto it at the turnoff to the Ku-ring-gai Council Community Nursery). If you can't handle the dirt then don't worry, there's a generous shoulder on the road. You'll enjoy the singletrack more if you let some air out of your tyres!

Turn off onto McCarrs Creek Rd and follow the signs to West Head Rd. Enjoy the super-smooth tarmac - this road's been resurfaced recently. You'll eventually see a sign for the Towlers Bay Track (about 2km after the Elvina Bay Track).

If you didn't bring a mountain/touring bike, or don't feel confident riding on dirt/sand/rocks, you can stash your bike in the bushes locked to a tree and walk down to the YHA, which will take about an hour.

Day 2 (28km)

Back the way you came!