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Hunter Valley Wine Tour

(Click on the image above for an interactive map)

Distance: ~150km
Suggested duration: 2-4 days

Notes: This is a bit different to our other trips in that there's so much potential for variety. Choose your own adventure! Pick some quiet roads and link them up. There are maps of the Wine Country available here. The route I've chosen is completely arbitrary, pick some wineries you want to visit and make your own.

If you're into camping, there aren't really any official campsites but the Corrabare State Forest, Aberdare State Forest, and Werakata National Park are probably good places to find a quiet bush campsite (with no facilities).

We'd suggest taking advantage of one of the many excellent bed and breakfasts in the Hunter Valley. That way you can enjoy a hot shower at the end of a day's riding.

Day 1

Catch the train to Teralba, and spend the morning riding into Cessnock (not the most pleasant riding ever, but pretty direct). From there it's mostly quieter roads. Visit some wineries. Enjoy the cheeses. Bask in the sun.

(Optional extra days)

Enjoy some more wine. Have a picnic. Cessnock is the main town, get supplies if you need them.

Day 2 (or 3)

Ride out to Dora Creek train station, through the Watagan State Forest. There's a big hill to climb up and over, but it's pretty fun coming down the other side. The road is dirt, and can be muddy if wet - road bikes with 28mm tyres or less would have trouble.