Ass Saver BrookShield


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      It's the Ass Saver - but developed especially for your Brooks! Not only does it protect your clothes from road spray, it also protects your fine leather saddle. It's also compatible with most similar "old style" saddles, like IDEALE and BLB Mosquito. It weighs only 18 grams, is super easy to mount and once in place, it stays in place. Even better, when not needed, it can be folded up and stored underneath your seat. 

      For Brooks B17 Narrow, B15 Swallow, Colt, Swift and Team Pro - choose BrookShield Narrow. 

      For Brooks B17 and Finesse - choose BrookShield Wide.

      For Cambium C17 and C15 - choose the Ass Saver Original, Extended or Wide. 

      Available in black. 

      Not suitable for coil spring saddles. 

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