• Croozer Kid Plus Double Trailer (3-in-1)

Croozer Kid Plus Double Trailer (3-in-1)

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The Croozer Kid Plus for 2 takes a maximum carry on weight of 45 kg. With the 3-in-1 kit you get a hitch arm with axle-mount hitch, a stroller wheel, big front wheel with wheel arms and a colourful safety flag. The robust safety frame comes with a 10-year warranty.

Your Croozer for every situation

Resplendent in its light blue finish, your Croozer Kid Plus is a real eye-catcher, whether as bike trailer, stroller for town and city use or sporty walker. You can convert it, fold it up or open it out in a matter of seconds. The Croozer also provides you with lots of room for toys, changes of clothes or shopping bags.

Perfect road holding thanks to Sylomer® suspension

The Croozer Kid Plus comes with the unique Sylomer® suspension. This operates without the need for any weight-related adjustments, providing a generous 45 mm of travel. Because the hardness of the suspension adapts automatically to every load, you don’t need to worry about having to make adjustments. The Sylomer® shock absorption elements are weather-resistant, always retain dimensional stability and are not adversely affected by any overloading of short duration, even where this is extreme. This means that rolling over a stretch of uneven ground will not cause the bike trailer to bounce or rock; instead the built-in adjuster makes it settle immediately in its original position. The result – your child can travel in maximum comfort.

We don’t compromise on safety

The child cockpit of the Croozer Kid Plus means your children are always well protected. We’ve used the frame structure of the Croozer Kid to create a robust protective space for your child, where they can feel safe and at home. If you happen to underestimate the width of your bike trailer, additional fenders are there to protect your Croozer. Padded supports ensure your child is well supported so that they can enjoy a nap undisturbed. At production, all materials used in the Croozer are regularly checked for harmful substances.