Curve GXR "aka Kevin" Frameset


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      The lighter* titanium twin of the the Kevin of Steel. the Curve GXR aka. Kevin is a wonderful mix of a cyclocross with all the extras you need to make it an all day, day after day adventure bike.

      However this bike isn't just a CX bike with some extra eyelets (although it does have extra eyelets and would also perform well in a CX race!). Its compatible with 700C  (28-45mm tyres) and 650B (1.8- 2.2" tryes) wheel sizes making is possible to have two wheelsets for the same bike making it super versatile. The Frame is designed with a custom steel yoke to allow you to run varying tyre widths and two different wheel sizes as well as stiffening the bottom bracket area under load to avoid frame flex. And then there's all those extra eyelets. Its equipped with rear rack mounts, fender mounts and 3 waterbottle cage mounts. It can also be configured with Di2, Mech 1x and Mech 2x 

      *Frame weight will differ depending of size but generally the Kevin is about 30% lighter than the Kevin of Steel in the same frame size. 




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