Do Little Kids Seat


  • Product Description

      The Do Little seat, designed in New Zealand, is a great way to carry a larger child on your bike. Putting them in between you and the handlebars keeps the weight much more centred than putting them on a rear rack, improving the handling of the bike.

      This seat has rubber padding that protects the frame, so it can be used on all frame types including carbon fibre - the bolts don't need to be tightened excessively so you won't crush the frame.

      To be fitted, the bike must have separate top- and down-tubes (i.e. it won't work with single-tube step through designs). The tubes must be at least 50mm apart.

      The minimum size is 18 months, but your child must be able to follow your instruction to hold onto the bars. The maximum size is 6-7 years, 140cm, 28kg.

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