Fabric Scoop Saddle


  • Product Description

      This saddle is the comfortable, simple and performs really well.  It's just a cover, a base, and a rail - that's it. This minimal manufacturing technique removes staples and excess material that make saddles look and feel ugly. And by seperating the cover, base and rail into three discrete pieces, the stretch and tension is eliminated and softer foam can be used for the ultimate comfort. The cover is wrapped in waterproof, durable microfibre with a with a slightly grippy texture that doesn't interfere with movement and the simple design makes it super easy to clean. Strong, flexible and lightweight nylon is used for the base and the rail is made from Cro-Mo with an anti-corrosive coating. 

      The Shallow profile is slightly curved, with a flexible base and low density foam which is perfect for riders who spend alot of time in the saddle, but still want comfort and movement. 

      The Radius profile is ideal for urban and leisure cyclists who prefer a more upright position. It has a more rounded profile and increased padding that supports placing more of the riders weight directly on the saddle.


  • Product Details

    • Variant: Elite Shallow
    • Brand: Fabric