Grand Cru Course Handlebar


  • Product Description

      Our classic round bend handlebar, the Course bar is designed as an all-around drop bar for long distance touring or randonneuring. The long flat ramp behind the hoods allows you to slide you hands forward or back, providing more hand positions and more comfort. The drops are open and extra long so, again, there is plenty of room to move your hands fore and aft. The drops are parallel to the ramps on top, allowing them to be level. You'll see bars like this on many classic constructeur bikes; those old French bars with this shape are still highly sought-after on Ebay. Looks may not be important to everyone, but we think this is a great looking bar with smooth classic curves and a very nice finish.

      The Grand Cru crest appears on each side of the clamp area. The center section is highly polished. The area under the bar tape has a "sand blasted" finish.

      The Course bars have a medium drop of about 125mm. The reach (measured from the stem clamp forward) is about 115mm. It has 30mm of flare. Available in 42, 44 or 46cm center-to-center. About 395g (44cm).

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