• Lekkie Bling Ring
  • Lekkie Bling Ring

Lekkie Bling Ring

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36T / Black
42T / Black
46T / Black
52T / Black
42T / Blue
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These chainrings are an upgrade to the Lekkie mid-drive motor system. Made heat-treated, anodised aluminium, the narrow-wide tooth pattern on the chainring eliminates chain derailment and increases durability by thickening the teeth, all at a fraction of the weight of a regular chainring (only 136g). What's more, they look great! 

Suits 7, 8, 9, 10 & 11-speed chains (please note some SRAM chains don't fit). Chain offset is 9mm (42T & 46T) or 0.8mm (36T). 2mm spacers are also available.