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Micro Mini Sporty Scooter

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Premium German quality Age: 3 - 5 3 wheel design for stability Made in Germany Vivid Colours More responsive steering Stronger brake The Sporty Mini Micros are made in Germany with a brand new style and design. The latest version of the Mini Micro is the first model of our iconic scooter with an updated look and feel, which has been stripped back by the Germans to create this lighter, faster Mini Micro Sporty. This lightweight edition of the Mini Micro features a new, strengthened brake, along with a more responsive turning mechanism, allowing the young speedsters faster, lighter cornering. There are a range of other upgrades in design and materials throughout, including the new spoked wheels and coloured T-Bar, which make it really stand out from the crowd! Still using the original 3 wheel push scooter design, the sporty's lean and steer action ensures safety and stability for young thrill seekers. It enables them to learn to use their body weight and balance to steer. Specifications Age Range: 3 - 5 Wheel Size: 120/80mm Deck Width: 11cm Deck Length: 27cm Handlebar Height: 66cm Max Load: 35kg* Weight: 1.5kg Ground Clearance: 3cm Colours: Neon Orange, Neon Blue, Candy Pink, Candy Blue, Candy Lilac * Please note: Although the bottom of the scooter shows a weight limit of 20kg, the Mini Micro is designed with a weight recommendation of 35kg. The reason for the difference: European standards dictate that weights are displayed as 20, 50 or 100kg