Power Grips pedal straps


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      Power Grips are a simple, lightweight, effective solution to keeping your feet on the pedals. You can wear your regular shoes, and they won't scratch up your shoes like cages do. They're easy to get out of (unlike toe clips!!), and with a little practice they're easy to get into as well (you flip the back of the pedal with your toe to swing them up, just like toe clips). Chris has been riding with them for years, and swears by them. He'd been riding SPD clipless pedals for a while, but was getting knee pain even after fine-tuning position (and was sick of the special shoes).

      So, we've convinced you they're better than the alternatives (clipless pedals or toe clips). Why do you need a foot retention system at all? Well, a few reasons:

      • They allow you to push forwards as well as down.
      • In the city, you stop every few hundred metres at a set of traffic lights. Then you need to move your pedal into an upright position to push off again. If your foot isn't somehow attached to the pedal, this is an exercise in frustration.
      • Your feet can slip off the pedals in wet weather.

      Here's a sample of some online reviews:

      "Power Grips cost a fraction of top-of-the-line clipless pedal systems and have the great advantage of being functional with almost any shoe, perfect for touring." (VeloHobo)

      "Power Grips have passed the truest test of quality gear: Tara and I have completely forgotten about them. They just work." (Tyler, goingslowly.com)

      This set of Power Grips comes with straps and all the hardware you need to mount them to your pedals. N.B. your pedals need to have two holes at the front and rear for the Power Grips system to attach properly.

      (Pedals not included).

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