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Simson Patch Kit

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In the Netherlands they do things right when it comes to city cycling.
Many Dutch riders will nostalgically describe the puncture kits they used before moving to Australia - a metal tin case, a generously sized tube of rubber cement, multiple patches of a sensible size, a large and robust piece of sandpaper, a tyre boot for temporary repair of split tyres and three tyre levers. Not these plastic 'single use' puncture kits that you see in Australia with absurdly large patches, a tube of glue you can only use once, no sandpaper at all and of course no tyre boot!
We're selling the Simson brand of puncture repair kit with all the items described above for just $10.
One word of warning - the metal tyre levers it comes with aren't suitable for alloy rims. So if you're not cruising on a stainless steel rimmed Dutch beauty, then add some plastic tyre levers to the kit.