Sinewave Beacon Dynamo Headlight


  • Product Description

      The Beacon is a huge advance in lights for bikepacking. It can both charge an external battery pack through a USB-connector, and also supplement the dynamo power input with the same external battery pack.

      Why is this important? When you're bikepacking, you're often travelling on rough terrain that limits your speed. This means standard dynamo lights will flicker on and off in a very disconcerting way, or not turn on at all - which is the last thing you need while you're climbing a dirt track at night in the rain!

      With its unique power-switching abilities, the Sinewave can be powered by an external battery pack at low speeds, and then when you're cruising again, it can charge the battery pack.

      As with all Sinewave products, it's extremely well weather-sealed - the electronics are dipped in epoxy, and there are multiple seals on the lens side.

      It's not supplied with a mount, we have mounts for fork crowns and handlebars.

      There are wires to connect a rear tail-light.

      There's a switch on the back so you can run it in charger-priority mode (where the light is still on, but you're sending most of the power to the charger - great for daytime, or on-road night riding).

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