SP dynamo wheel


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      A dynamo lighting system is one of the most practical additions to make to a commuter bike. Modern hub dynamos are extremely efficient - the drag isn't noticeable. You never need to worry about batteries or charging (or even turning the lights on!) and since the lights are bolted to the bike, there's less chance they'll get knocked off (in both senses).

      This wheel is built around a Shutter Precision PD-8 hub. It's a quick-release hub that's 6-bolt disc compatible.

      The rim is a Alex DA16 double-walled 32H, which is nice and strong. Spokes are Mach 1.

      We suggest you pair this wheel with Busch & Muller front and rear lights, which are those found on the excellent Vivente World Randonneur bikes. We can fit this wheel and the lights, including all wiring, to your bike for $60.

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