• Sturmey Archer Indicator Pin/Chain

Sturmey Archer Indicator Pin/Chain


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There are various lengths of Sturmey Archer indicator pin, depending on the length of the axle. Here's a chart which is useful if you have the old indicator pin, and you need a replacement (because it's bent or broken).

Sturmey Part Mark Spindle length Length to mark
HSA125 I 49mm 49mm
HSA126 II 56mm 56mm
HSA315 III 59mm 59mm
HSA316 IV 62mm 62mm
HSA420 V 66mm 66mm
HSA712 Blue 61mm 67mm
HSA585 Yellow 71mm 68mm
HSA490 Red 67mm 64mm
HSA716 VIII 73.5mm 82mm

Thanks go to the late, great Sheldon Brown for the information in this table, which is an abridged version of this table (which you should consult if you don't have the old pin and you're not sure which pin you need for your hub).