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Surly Ogre

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Small (16") / Blacktacular
Medium (18") / Blacktacular
Large (20") / Blacktacular
X-Large (22") / Blacktacular
Medium (18") / Tarnish Gray
Large (20") / Tarnish Gray
X-Large (22") / Brown
Large (20") / Brown
Medium / Brown
Large (20") / Pile of Bricks
Medium (18") / Pile of Bricks
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Product Details

The Surly Ogre is the 29" version of the Troll. It's a mountain bike, an off-road tourer, a commuting beast. It's whatever you want it to be.

Fenders and racks are fine.

Three-bolt mounts on the forks allow you to mount Salsa Anything cages.

Book a test ride

This bicycle is available for test riding - let us know when you'll be coming in and we'll make sure the tyres are inflated and it's ready to go. Fill in the form below, or call (02) 8014 4228.