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Tokyobike Bisou


42cm / Blue Jade
50cm / Saffron
55cm / Blue Jade
55cm/ Vintage Orange
50cm / Moss Green
50cm / Ivory
50cm / Vincent Blue
42cm / Saffron
50cm / Blue Jade
50cm / Blue Gray
42cm / Blue Grey
42cm / Ivory
45cm / Vincent Blue
50cm / Willow
55cm / Blue Grey
42cm / Moss Green
55cm / Moss Green
42cm / Sand Beige
50cm / Red
55cm / Ivory
42cm / Willow
55cm / Willow
42cm / White
42cm / Red
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Product Details

The perfect bike for leisurely commuting and city riding! The laidback step-through cromoly steel frame and swept-back handlebars optimise comfort with a more upright riding position, while the Shimano 7-speed gearing with trigger shifter allows for simple and efficent gear shifting. Accessoried with brown leather saddle and matching grips, the Bisou comes in a wide range of colours and is especially well-suited to rear carriers and baskets. And at only 12kg, it is much lighter than most other step-through bikes on the market.


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This bicycle is available for test riding - let us know when you'll be coming in and we'll make sure the tyres are inflated and it's ready to go. Fill in the form below, or call (02) 8014 4228.