Velo Orange Microfibre Touring Saddle


  • Product Description

      Here's a lightweight, moderately wide, saddle designed for folks who keep their handlebars at around saddle height. The idea was to make an inexpensive and lightweight saddle that feels something like a VO Model 3 leather saddle (or a Brooks B-17).

      At 154mm wide it's actually a little narrower than a Model 3, but this is deceptive because there is no need for rivets or a flaring leather "skirt." So the sitting area is roughly comparable to the wider leather models. At 280gm the weight is less than half that of a modern leather saddle. It's even 140gm lighter than our titanium rail leather saddle.

      These saddles feature a microfiber top which resembles the suede leather used on classic racing saddles. The microfiber's texture keeps you from sliding around and it's weather resistant. The body is thermo-plastic with a layer of high density foam. The rails are chromoly.

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