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  • WeeRide Pro-Pilot Tag Along

WeeRide Pro-Pilot Tag Along


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Product Details

The WeeRide Pro-Pilot Tag Along is perfect for kids who are too big (or too heavy!) for kids seats, but aren't quite big enough to ride their own bike alongside you. Plus they can even pedal and help you along!

It's made from an aluminium alloy frame, so it's lightweight. It's set up single-speed for simplicity and trouble-free riding. When you don't need it, you can easily detach and fold it up.

Fits kids 110cm and up.

Comes with safety flag. 20" wheels. Weighs 10kg. 160cm long (100cm when folded), 80cm wide when folded. Will fit onto most bikes, as long as they have enough exposed seatpost for the clamp to attach.