Melbourne-based ByK founder Warren Key has designed the best range of kids bikes available in Australia. They're light, easy to ride, and kids love them.

Omafiets Lifetime Service Guarantee and Trade-Ins

Our ByKs are backed by the Omafiets Lifetime Service Guarantee - as long as you own a ByK bike, we'll service it for free (including parts!). In case you're worried about your child growing out of their bike too quickly, we offer guaranteed trade-in prices for ByKs purchased from us, towards the next size up - 50% within 1 year and 30% within 3 years.

What size bike?

What size ByK is appropriate for your child? This table shows the ages and recommended heights for the bikes in the ByK range. If your child is in an overlapping age range, choose a bike based on their bike-riding ability and experience (or come into the shop and try them out!).

 Bicycle Age range Height range
E-200L Balance Bike 2 - 4 years 73 - 96cm
E-250L Balance Bike, E-250, E-250 MTB 3 - 5 years 85 - 102cm
E-350, E-350 x 2i, E-350 MTB 3 - 6 years 95 - 117cm
E-450, E-450 x 2i, E-450 x 3i,  5 - 9 years 110 - 132cm
E-450 x 8, E-450 MTB 6 - 9 years 115 - 145cm
E-540 x 3i, E-540 x 9, E-540 MTB/MTR, E-540R 7 - 11 years 130 - 160cm
E-620 x 3i, E-620 x 9, E-620 MTB/MTR, E-620R 12+ years 142 - 175cm

Here's the ByK range:

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