Bike hire

If you would like to hire a bike, please email us in advance to arrange a booking:

Please note that all bikes must be picked up from, and returned to, our George St shop within business hours. We require driver's license or passport details, and credit card details as security and for any damage incurred.

City bikes

Bicycle hire is a perfect option for travellers from other cities or countries. You can hire a bicycle from our shop at 17 George St Redfern.

The city bikes we hire out are Brompton folding bicycles, which are extremely convenient for the city-based traveller. They are supplied with a folding basket, chain lock, and helmet.

Our rates are:

  • $35/part day
  • $50/overnight, $25 per subsequent day
  • $150/week

Electric bikes

We have two electric bikes available for hire, a step-over and a step-through eZee Sprint. The rates are:

  • $65/part day
  • $100/overnight, $40 per subsequent day
  • $200/week

    Touring bikes

    We've prepared our most capable high-end touring bikes. We can also supply any camping accessories you need (tents, sleeping bags, sleeping mats, stoves).

    Our rates are:

    Touring bike hire (includes 2 rear panniers, helmet, lock, pump, patch kit, spare tube)

    • $99/overnight
    • $150/week, $99/subsequent weeks


    • 2 front panniers $20/week
    • 2-person tent $20/week
    • Sleeping bag $15/week
    • Sleeping mat $10/week
    • Trangia stove + pots $10/week

    Where should I ride?

    Check out our Touring page.

    Buyback scheme

    If you're an exchange student or otherwise need a bicycle for a short period of time, you can buy a bike from us, and then we'll buy it back when you leave.

    It works like this: you buy the bicycle from us for the full retail price. Then, when you need to return it, you bring it back in (with a few days' notice) and we'll buy it back from you. You're under no obligation to sell it back to us.

    The amount we can pay for the bike depends on how hard you've ridden it, how well you've maintained it, and whether anything's broken or worn out. We'll generally pay between 30% and 60% of the original price.


    Although we maintain our bikes to a high standard, sometimes things go wrong. If something breaks that you can't fix, bring it back to the shop for us to fix it. We don't offer mobile repairs.

    If you lose (or someone steals) the bike or any equipment we've hired to you, you will need to pay us the full value of the goods.