We're equipped to do full servicing on city, road, touring, bikepacking, Dutch, Bromptons, tandems and more.

Booking your service

We're booked out about a week in advance, so we ask that you book in your service before bringing in your bike.

Bicycles can vary greatly, so we can't quote a service or repair over the phone, but we will always give you a quote when you bring your bike in.

You can book online, or call our workshop on (02) 8014 4228 (option 2), or email

We give great service

All our services start when the bike is dropped off, with a thorough inspection of the bicycle by our skilled mechanics. We check it over so that we can give a detailed quote, and we'll tell you the details of what we're doing before you leave. Except for rare circumstances, we'll complete the job at the quoted price - even if we have to do more work than we originally thought. Our services also come with a 6-month guarantee, which means that as long as you didn't ask us to do less than we thought was necessary, we'll do any work for free within 6 months.

Most of our services are either same-day or overnight. We carry a huge stock of spare parts but if we don't have an item, we'll order it in. We will do simple repairs like flat tyres on the spot.

Here's what people say about our workshop:

I had a huge service on my inherited Blackman road bike two weeks ago and now it's an absolute joy to ride! The team were super helpful and I received a fully itemised invoice before the service. I won't go anywhere else. -Laura
If I had a car and a flat tyre I would have to wait an age for it to be repaired. This morning I had a flat on my bike. I pushed it from the city to Omafiets and in a flash it was repaired. And with a smile. I love the shop, the atmosphere, the range of bikes and the great caring service. I am a pensioner and saving hard to purchase my first electric bike. There is little doubt where I will be spending my money. Well done. -Richard
Definitely the best bike shop in Sydney, friendly old fashioned customer service. Chris and the team can always be trusted to do a good job! -Rafaelle
Top service guys. Picked up a couple of sneaky issues that could have made the upcoming trip to India a little painful. Thanks a bunch!!
My trusted mechanics. Friendly and honest staff, exceptional service. They'll always advise on what you need and what you don't. Convenient spot in the heart of Redfern just off the bike path. These guys really know how to give bike love. -Cristina

Things we don't do

We service electric bikes that have major brand electrical systems (Bosch, Shimano, eZee and Impulse) however if your bike has an electrical problem with a different system, it's best to take your bike elsewhere.

We don't service mechanical disc brakes on electric bikes - instead we upgrade them to hydraulic brakes. Mechanical disc brakes just can't cope with the rate of pad wear on electric bikes.

We don't work on bikes from department stores (Kmart, Target, Big W) because the quality of components is too low for us to repair them properly. We'd just be wasting your money.

We will give you a quote for necessary servicing and repairs to bring your bike up to safe working order. If you don't want to go ahead with the service, that's fine, but we won't do only some of the work that's required, as we need to be able to guarantee that your bike is safe to ride when it leaves the workshop.

If you have any questions, give our workshop a call on (02) 8014 4228 (option 2).